Tax Assessor/Tax Collector

Ann Williams

Coahoma County Tax Assessor/Tax Collector        
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 219, Clarksdale, Mississippi  38614
Physical Address:  115 First Street, Clarksdale, Mississippi  38614
Tax Assessor - 624-3006.
Tax Collector - 624-3020
Fax:  662-624-5179

Ann Williams, Tax Assessor/Tax Collector, serving since 2020.

The Tax Assessor/Collector’s duties include listing and placing value on all taxable property (real and personal) and assists homeowners with Homestead Exemption applications in accordance with the laws that govern the jurisdiction.


The Tax Assessor/Collector’s duties also include preparing tax bills, collecting the Ad Valorem taxes on real and personal property, mobile homes, automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers and airplanes, privilege taxes on automobiles, vending machines, amusement machines and business license, then to disburse the taxes to the proper entities. This must be achieved in accordance with the laws that govern the jurisdiction. Statue allows the payment of real and personal property taxes in installments as long as the first payment is a little more than one-half (1/2) of the taxes due and is made by February 1st following the tax year for which payment is collected. (Installment payments are subject to 1% per month interest on the unpaid balance for the second and third installments.)

The Tax Assessor/Collector must advertise and hold a tax sale once a year for any unpaid taxes on real estate or any special assessments. Accurate records must be kept at all times, since this office is involved in the collection of taxes that help fund a variety of government services.