Justice Court

Phone: (662) 624-3060

Justice Court is known to many as “small claims” court. The Justice Court Clerk’s office is an establishment from the Justice of the Peace, who are now Justice Court Judges.

The Justice Court Clerk is essentially a ministerial officer of the court who has charge of the clerical part of the court’s business. The Justice Court Clerk is its official scribe whose principal duty is to make a correct record of the court’s proceedings. The clerk has custody of the court’s records and dockets with power to certify to the correctness of transcripts and possesses  and authority to perform certain acts of judicial nature incidental to the clerk’s ministerial duties.  The clerk is empowered to file and record actions and pleadings, acknowledge affidavits, issue warrants in criminal cases, certify and issue copies of records, documents and pleadings. The clerk is an administrative officer or as the mere arm of the court.

The Justice Court Judges are elected officials that preside over matters in the Justice Court.  The constables who are also elected officials serve civil and criminal processes from the Justice Court.

The Jurisdiction of the Justice Court

  • Monetary judgments
  • Replevins/repossession of property
  • Landlord/tenant law-evictions
  • Issuance of subpoenas
  • Domestic violence temporary protective orders
  • Mechanic liens
  • Garnishments
  • Executions of judgments
  • Marriage ceremonies



  • Conduct preliminary hearings in felony cases
  • County-wide jurisdiction on misdemeanor offenses
  • Traffic violations
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Issue search warrants
  • Restitution from misdemeanor offenses