Road Department

The Administrative Head of the Coahoma County Road Department is Road Manager, Otis Griffin. 

The Coahoma County Road Department oversees the construction and maintenance of rural roads and bridges throughout rural Coahoma County, Mississippi.   The crew works in hot, cold and inclement weather.  A crew is always on call for inclement weather and disasters.

Coahoma County’s Automotive Shop is housed within the Road Department.  The shop is available to maintain and repair county vehicles which keeps business in the county and saves the county money.

Any problems or complaints concerning pot holes, fallen trees, excessive trash or grass along road side, etc. should be directed to the Coahoma County Road Department at 662-624-3024.

The Coahoma County Road Department Manager is also the Coahoma County’s Administrator for the Department of Environment Quality handling and citing illegal dumping.  To report any illegal dumping, contact Otis Griffin. directly at 662-645-2114.

Road Departments in Mississippi were established as a result of House Bill No. 4, which required the Board of Supervisors to operate a county wide system of road administration.  This bill became effective October 1989.   The department operates under policies which have been adopted by the Board and by statutory authority in accordance with Section 65-17-1 of the Mississippi Code.

Public Notice - Coahoma County Roads

The Coahoma County Road Department Manager would like to remind the citizens of Coahoma County that it is illegal to dig and or alter any county road drainage ditches without the approval of the Coahoma County Road Manager.

It is illegal to remove, cover or destroy a road culvert; this is considered destruction of county property. These decisions are at the sole discretion of the Coahoma County Road Manager.

Before any ditch work on or connecting to county right-of-way is to be done it must be approved by the Coahoma County Road Manager and/or the Board of Supervisors.

All violators will be charged to the full extent of the law and will be liable for any damages that accrue to the road bed and or road surface and all cost of repairs.